DH2 15W40 1Ltr

DH2 15W-40は、ディーゼルエンジンを主な対象とした高品質なエンジンオイルです。DH2 15W-40エンジンオイルは、信頼性の高いパフォーマンス、優れたエンジン保護、およびさまざまなディーゼルエンジンとの互換性を提供します。適切な互換性と使用法については、常にメーカーの推奨事項と仕様を参照してください。

DH2 15W-40 is a high-quality engine oil primarily designed for diesel engines. DH2 15W-40 engine oil offers reliable performance, excellent engine protection, and compatibility with a variety of diesel engines. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications for proper compatibility and usage.

  1. Viscosity Grade: DH2 15W-40 is classified as a 15W-40 viscosity grade oil. The “15W” indicates its excellent low-temperature fluidity, allowing for easier cold starts and quick oil circulation during initial engine warm-up. The “40” indicates the oil’s viscosity at operating temperature, ensuring reliable lubrication across a wide range of engine temperatures.
  2. Engine Protection: DH2 15W-40 provides excellent protection against wear, reducing friction and minimizing metal-to-metal contact within the engine. It forms a strong and durable lubricating film, safeguarding critical engine components such as pistons, rings, and bearings. This oil also helps to prevent deposits, sludge, and varnish formation, ensuring the engine remains clean and operates efficiently.
  3. Diesel Engine Performance: DH2 15W-40 is specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of diesel engines. It offers excellent thermal stability, maintaining consistent performance even under high-temperature and high-stress conditions. It also provides efficient lubrication for the fuel injection system, helping to optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  4. Compatibility: DH2 15W-40 is designed for use in a wide range of diesel engines, including light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, buses, and construction equipment. It is compatible with engines equipped with turbochargers or superchargers, as well as those with or without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.
  5. Environmental Considerations: DH2 15W-40 meets the latest industry standards for emissions control and environmental protection. It is formulated to reduce harmful emissions and minimize environmental impact.


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